Website Consumer Agreement


        The website ” ” is a tourism information center of Georgia.

If you are able to use the Website and add your company or service announcement on the Site, You agree to the charter of the website. If you do not agree with the website rules, you will not be able to use the site.


Definitions of terms

  site and Website – Georgia Tourism Information Center.

“User” – a natural or legal person who accesses the Site (a person who submits an application to the Site or obtains information required by it).

“Administration” – Site Management Company and / or its representative.

“Application” – Information posted by a user registered on the site about his / her products and / or services.


Basic terms of the agreement

  1. ‘’ is an informational site and no company registered on the website is in the possession of the site administrator. The site administration is not responsible for uploaded to a website “seized or appropriated photo/video material by companies, individuals, or legal entities.
  2. The administration of the site is responsible for the creation of the site information database. If the company is added, the organization representative will receive an email notification, after which the site administrator will upload the updated information in case of any informational problem.


1 User rights

    1. Customers who manage any travel company have the right to post their own ads on the site.
    2. By administration of ‘’, users may submit their application in the relevant category free of charge until May 1, 2020.
    3. Users who, in their favor or to the detriment of others, misappropriate or seize any photo or video material on the site, shall be deemed to be cybercrime by the administration and shall be punished in accordance with Georgian law.


2 User obligations

 2.1    The User is required to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

2.2 The User is obliged to periodically update the statement of changes in the Company.

2.3    The announcement posted on the site must be realistic and comply with the rules provided by Georgian legislation

2.4 The user is obliged to use only one account on the site

2.5 The User is obliged to perfectly complete all fields that
Given by website administration;

2.6 Users who register on the site are obliged not to post unnatural ads.

2.7   The user is obliged to place the information in the relevant category when adding the application;

2.8 The User is not obliged to post duplicate ads on the Website


  1. Web site administration rights

3.1 The administration of the Website has the right to require registered users to abide by the terms and conditions of use

3.2 In case the user violates the site rules, the web site administrator has the right to suspend the upload of the site advertisement until the defect is corrected.

3.3 Once a violation is found, the administration will notify the user by phone or email of the violation, and if the user fails to correct the defect within 1 business day, they will no longer be able to access the site.


  1. Paid Terms of Website

4.1 The user has the right to receive information about the paid services of the site and to use it for a period of time

4.2 Users should contact the site administration about paid services

4.3 The Administration has the right to change the terms and prices of paid services
Without prior agreement with the user.


  1. Refund Policy

5.1 Refunds for paid services agreed upon with the site administration only if:

5.1.1 Refunds if the Administration fails to provide the Service.

5.2 Refunds are made by the user on the basis of a written statement by email.

5.3. Refunds are fully credited to the same User Account from where
Money was transferred;

5.4 Refunds are due within one business week of receiving the written request 


  1. Rate /comments about users by the visitors 

6.1 Acceptance of the Site Terms of Use means consent to the Site Evaluating / commenting on its activities by visitors

6.2 The Administration has the right to publish comments/rates written by visitors on the site, with moderation or Without moderation;

6.3 The User has the right to appeal Evaluation or comment to the Site Administration If the assessment / comment contains abusive information, violates the rules established by Georgian legislation or The user thinks that the evaluation contains false information

6.4 Administration on Assessment / Comment Challenged by Users Decides individually, After, discussing a specific case.


  1. Access to Company Data Visibility:

7.1 The contact information, description, photo gallery, services, products, prices of users of the Site database are available to any user of the Site.

7.2. The Administration has the right to Make changes into a User Agreement any time. on his own initiative or/and According to the amendments to the Georgian legislation.